The Association president is Bob Yon, the sole owner of New Dream Home Solutions. The company has been in operation since 2010 and is an outgrowth of Bob’s continued interest in Real Estate Investing. Bob purchased his first home in 1978 at the age of 19 and has owned properties for investment purposes since 1983. Bob and New Dream Home Solutions currently own several income producing properties valued at nearly a half a million dollars.

Beyond his love of family Bob has two passions; problem solving and helping others. These passions drive him, when necessary, to create the non-traditional creative financing and purchasing arrangements to make deals happen. For example he recently completed a deal that saved one family from foreclosure and allowed a second family to re-experience the benefits of home ownership after a period of financial struggles.

When Bob learned that a family he knew was facing foreclosure he bought their home subject-to the existing financing (took over their payments) and brought the loan current restoring their credit. He also bought a more affordable home with proceeds from his IRA that the family is now leasing with an option to buy when they are ready.

Bob is the founder and President of several Real Estate Investors and Associates meetings. The first of which was formed in 2010 and continues to meet monthly providing business and investment coaching and networking opportunities to attendees from the general public.

Bob has also run a successful computer consulting business for many years. He is a loyal husband, father to 2, Jason and Angela; a Grandfather of 3, Jayden, Aubrey and the newest, Mikey. His daughter, Angela is the Vice President of New Dream Home Solutions and son Jason was a missionary in Embu, Kenya and has recently returned home and is the construction manager for New Dream Home Solutions.