Past Presentations

Past National Real Estate Investment Association Topics

July 19, 2016 Topic:

Top Investor Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

2016 Presentations

  • January – 2016 ‘How To Make Money In An ‘UP’ Market’ by Bob Yon
  • February – 2016 ‘Real Estate ‘State of the Union’ Address’ by Bob Yon
  • March – 2016 ‘How To Buy Multiple Properties Using The Subject-To Strategy’ by Bob Yon
  • April – 2016 ‘How To Earn Profits Flipping Houses in Charlotte’ by Bob Yon
  • May – 2016 ‘How To Legally Raise Capital For Real Estate Investments’ by Bob Yon
  • June – 2016 ‘How To Get Started Wholesaling’ by Bob Yon

2015 Presentations

  • January– 2015 ‘2015 Launch Kit’ by Shenoah Grove
  • February – 2015 ‘Real Estate State Of The Union Address’ by Shenoah Grove
  • March – 2015 ‘How To Legally Buy Real Estate Without Using Any Of Your Money Or Credit…’ by Alan Cechker
  • April – 2015 – ‘Speed Coaching’ by local experts!
  • May – 2015 ‘Top Investor Mistakes’ by Shenoah Grove
  • June – 2015 ‘How To Earn Massive Profits Flipping Houses’ by Bob Yon
  • July – 2015 ‘Real Estate Panel of Experts’ by local experts!
  • August – 2015 ‘How To Earn Profits Buying & Selling Houses Leveraging Other People’s Money & Credit!’ by Bob Yon
  • September – 2015 ‘How To Raise Capital For Real Estate’ by Bob Yon
  • October – 2015 ‘How To Get Started Wholesaling Real Estate’ by Bob Yon
  • November – 2015 ‘How To Buy & Sell A Property In 30 Days or Less’ by Bob Yon
  • December – 2015 ‘Secrets To Becoming A Successful Landlord (and what mistakes to avoid)’ by Bob Yon

2014 Presentations

  • January– 2014 ‘How to Make Money in an Up Real Estate Market’ by Phill Grove
  • February-2014 ‘Real Estate State of the Union Address’ by Shenoah Grove
  • March-2014 ‘Speed Coaching Event’ by Shenoah Grove
  • April-2014 ‘Top Landlord Mistakes’ by Phil Trietsch
  • May-2014 ‘Speed Networking’ by Shenoah Grove
  • June-2014 ‘Entity Structures and Tax Strategies for the Real Estate Investor’ by Jamie Finnen
  • July-2014 ‘Club Members’ Case Studies- Lessons Learned From Local Real Estate Investors!’ by Shenoah Grove
  • August-2014 ‘How To Raise Capital For Real Estate… Without Going To Jail!’
  • September-2014 ‘Speed Networking’ by Shenoah Grove
  • October-2014 ‘Rehabbing Secrets’ by Shenoah Grove
  • November-2014 ‘How To Get Started In Real Estate With Wholesaling’
  • December-2014 ‘Secrets To Using Your IRA That All Real Estate Investors Need To know!’ by H. Quincy Long

2013 Presentations

  • January– 2013 ‘How to Make Money in an Up Real Estate Market’ by Phill Grove
  • February– 2013 ‘The Real Estate State of the Union with Shenoah Grove’
  • March– 2013 ‘How to Raise Capital Without Going to Jail’- Roland Wiederaenders
  • April– 2013 ‘Local Real Estate Investing Success Stories’
  • May– 2013 ‘Amazing Tax Loopholes for Real Estate Investors that You’ve Never Heard Of’ – Charlie Dombek
  • June– 2013 ‘Name That Deal’ with Phill and Shenoah Grove
  • July– 2013 ‘Speed Networking & Ice Cream Social’
  • August – 2013 ‘ How to Legally Buy Property Subject-To with Alan Ceshker
  • September – 2013- ‘How to Wholesale Real Estate’ with Shenoah Grove
  • October – 2013 – ‘Real Estate Panel of Experts’  with an All Star Cast
  • November – 2013 – ‘Big Money Discoveries’ with Shenoah Grove
  • December – 2013 – ‘Secrets of Investing With Your IRA that Every Investor Needs to Know’ – Nathan Long

2012 Presentations

  • December– 2012 ‘My First Deal’ where three Austin RENC members detailed their first deal and lessons learned
  • November –  2012 How to NOT get sued in real estate with Dan Castro
  • October – 2012 How to make money wholesaling real estate in Austin with Daniel Francis
  • September –2012 How to reduce your property taxes with Bill Loeb
  • August – 2012 New requirements for remodeling and building in Austin starring Luciana Misi.
  • July – 2012 How to Use Social Media for Real Estate starring Curt Maly.
  • June – 2012 Speed Coaching from local experts!
  • May – 2012 Speed Networking with Austin’s Top Investors!
  • April – 2012 Panel of Experts reveal their secrets to success and what’s working in today’s market starring Chris Montgomery, David Buttross, Nathan Long, Jared Gossett, and Alan Ceshker.
  • Mar – 2012 Top 9 Landlord Mistakes and how to avoid them by Attorney John Daves of the Daves Law Firm
  • Feb –  2012 Real Estate Market Forecast & 2011 Year in Review by Shenoah Grove
  • Jan – 2012 Launch Kit – strategic and tactical implementation ways to implement your 2012 Plan. Plus Damon Flowers presents updates updates to and showcases a new open level for free access to the site.

2011 Presentations

  • Dec – Foundation Repair “101” for the Texas RE Investor will educate you thoroughly on how to identify and estimate foundation repair while negotiating with your seller- Gary Coffing of GA Coffing and Sons Foundation Repairs.
  • Nov – Foreclosure Stories from the Front line. Find out how judges view wrongful foreclosure cases and how lenders defend against them. Also find out how Bankruptcy and Temporary Restraining Orders (TRO’s) can help stop foreclosures – Jason Snell & Kimberly Culver, Brown & Snell Law Firm
  • Oct – Increase your investing Power using a Self Directed IRA. We’ll go through how to safely tap into your IRA and the IRA of others (OPM) to invest in Real Estate – Nathan Long, Quest IRA, Entrust Retirement Services
  • Sept – The Official Guide to Investing in Austin Real Estate – What strategies work in today’s post-bubble market and how to make money in a down economy – Phill Grove
  • Aug – MARS Act review – Update your marketing to comply with the latest requirements from the Federal Government’s MARS Act. This affects all of your “Stop Foreclosure” marketing and you need to stay compliant
  • Jul – Market Update with Realtor and Broker, Shenoah Grove – Shenoah gives the latest stat’s and current forecast for Central Texas. Phill Grove updates us on the Dodd-Frank Act and it’s impact on Seller Financing
  • Jun – Anatomy of a Deal – Get to know how established investors find deals, evaluate deals, and negotiate them. Plus find out their tricks for rehabbing success! This is a true investors class with A-Z analysis of how to buy and sell your deals!
  • May – Summer Networking and Ice Cream Social – bring 100 business cards because you’ll use them.
  • Apr – Branding experts Phill Grove & JT Foxx present their secrets for branding, finding, and funding deals. They help you determine your brand, your USP (Unique Selling Proposition), and how to differentiate yourself in the crowded field of investors.
  • Mar – Panel of Experts discussing their outlook for 2011 – Featuring Jay Otto of Dwellgo, Chris Montgomery of ACM Properties & Progress Realty, Dani Lynn Robison of FDR Investors & Homes By Owner of Austin, Esmeralda Lira of Nextage Realty, Sean Hammond of Envoy Mortgage, Eric Silvas of Envoy Mortgage & Shenoah Grove of Love American Homes
  • Feb – Updates to the TREC Contract & Addenda that become effective on March 1, 2011 – Attorney Allison Gardner of Stahl, Bernal & Davies, LLP
  • Jan – Owner Finance and Mortgage Assignment Strategies – A Legal Review

2010 Presentations

  • Dec – 2010 Market Update and 2011 Market Forecast – Shenoah Grove
  • Nov – Vendor Fair with over 20 vendors sharing information and giveaways
  • Oct – J.T. Foxx – Foxxonomic’s – Investing using the J.T. Foxx strategies and mindset
  • Sep – Business Bootcamp – Presented by Austin Productivity Experts – Kenn Renner, Kenton Brown, Scott Carley
  • Aug – Networking Event and Ice Cream Social
  • July – Central Texas Market Update – Shenoah Grpve
  • June – Tax Appraisal and Appeals – Jeff Bullard
  • May – Mortgage Assignment – Phill Grove
  • Apr – EPA Remodel Requirements – Angelique Naylor
  • Mar – Panel of Experts – See that the experts are doing in today’s market
  • Feb – Market Update – What the smart investors are doing in today’s market, Presenter – Shenoah Grove
  • Jan – Vendor Fair with over 20 vendors sharing information and giveaways

2009 Presentations

  • Dec – Holiday Mixer
  • Nov – Know the Code – Navigating changing city building requirements. Presenter: Stuart Sampley
  • Oct -Investing Horror Stories – Halloween Theme with prizes
  • Sep – Alternative Lending for Investors – How investors are financing in today’s market – Hard Money Alternatives, Portfolio & Asset Based Lending, Presenter – Louis Droit
  • Aug – Market Update – What the smart investors are doing in today’s market, Presenter – Shenoah Grove
  • Jul – Bankruptcy – how it can affect home sales & Temporary Restraining Order to stop a bank from foreclosing, Presenter – Doug Powell & Jason Snell, Attorneys at Law
  • Jun – Vendor Fair with over 20 vendors sharing information and giveaways
  • May – Note buying – Every Investors How-to Guide, Presenter – Eddie Speed
  • Apr – Owner Financing, Presenter – David Buttross
  • Mar – How To Make Smart Investment Decisions, Presenter – Rick Villani
  • Feb – Networking & Deal Pitch Night
  • Jan – Market Review 2008 and Market Forecast 2009, Presenter – Shenoah Grove

2008 Presentations

  • Dec – Cocktail Party & Networking Meeting
  • Nov – Panel of Real Estate Experts, Presenters – Jay Otto, Robert Grunnah, Kenton Brown, Phill Grove, Chris Montgomery
  • Oct – Investing Horror Stories – Halloween Theme with prizes
  • Sep – Commercial RE Investing & Apartment Investing 101, Presenter – Iain Hackett, Owner, CIH Group
  • Aug – Database Building & Networking to Build Your Business, Presenter – Kenton Brown, Partner & Mortgage Broker, Sente Mortgage
  • Jul – Historical Market Trends – Lessons learned from 30 years of Austin real estate experience, Presenter – Jay Otto
  • Jun – Current real estate Market Update – Local to Global Trends, Presenter – Shenoah Grove
  • May – Buying and Selling Properties Through Auctions, Presenter – Linda Welsh
  • Apr – Best Deal & Most Creative Deal Contest & General Networking & Deal Pitching Session
  • Mar – State of the note buying industry/What is a “good” note? & How to Find notes, Presenter – Tom Henderson
  • Feb – Discussion about using Trusts for buying Real Estate & Understanding Title Commitments, Presenter – Kim Lowe & Russ Ham, Attorneys at Law
  • Jan – Raising Money without violating State & SEC guidelines, Presenter – John Greytok, Attorney

2007 Presentations

  • Dec – Cocktail Party & Networking Meeting
  • Nov – – A New local website matching buyers and sellers, Presenter – Damon Flowers & Green Building – How to & Economics, Presenter – Renee LaFair
  • Oct – Investing in Commercial Real Estate, Presenter – Monte Lee-Win & Investing Horror Stories – Halloween Theme with prizes
  • Sep – Million Dollar Remodel Experience, Presenter – Phillip Grove
  • Aug – Mortgage Market Meltdown Update, Presenter – Allan Pape & General Networking Session
  • Jul – Cash Flow Game Night – Learn about investing using the famous board game
  • Jun – Inspecting houses – looking out for typical “Gotcha’s”, Presenter – Brian Wooten, Inspector
  • May – Mortgage lending – How to fund your projects in today’s market, Presenter – David McMillan, Mortgage Broker
  • Apr – Deal Contest – Biggest $makers & most creative, plus shameless Self-Promotion of local business members
  • Mar – Vendor Database Referral, Presenter – Dylan Schleppe, Founder
  • Feb – Condo Conversion – How To successfully convert your project into a Condo, Presenter – Julie Alexander, Attorney at Law
  • Jan – Lease Option Update – Updated to include the recent House Bill changes, Presenter – Dan Frances, Investor & Central Texas Forecast- Population & Housing Market update from local economist, Presenter – Billy Hamilton, Economist